Omen EP

by I Disappear

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released October 16, 2015

Recorded at Cobra Sun Studios. Mixed, Produced and Engineered by Gary Nieves and Greg Pizzullo



all rights reserved


I Disappear New York, New York

From the slums of shaolin. The new age of destruction. Download the "Omen" demo right here or stream on iTunes, Apple Music, And Spotify

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Track Name: Preface
Flesh rots away. Soul decays.
Rusted dreams. Corroded life bursts at the seams.
Thoughts flood. Visions project. Destruction of life. Humanity is wrecked.
This fate was not my doing. These hands bear no shame.
I'm crying for help. No one can hear. I make no sound. I'm already six feet underground.
Every action that I've taken has lead life to decay. What have I done, Who am I and why can't this go away?There is no reality.
It has begun. We reap what we sow. The final war. The sound of deaths toll.
Reside. Hide. Everything dies.
Track Name: Humanity's Illusion
Try to save the world when you can barely save yourself. Nose in the air in hopes to preserve, while your values linger like dust on a shelf. You take and you take. But what happens when there's nothing left to drain? Your insignificance becomes more apparent as you claw for a way out of a meaningless existence. An omen hangs above your head. You can't see it for yourself because you're already dead. Bathing in a twisted display of martyrdom. I bow my head. Your time has come.
Track Name: Fraud
You and I. A bond tied with lies. I sever every connection. I flip a switch you disappear. Hollow words. Intangible embrace. Transparent intentions. Different face. Draining every ounce of our memories. A cathartic cleansing. Never again. Deceiver.
Track Name: Dissolve
The time that has slipped. The memories that have dissolved. The numbness. The cold.
The faces. The shadows. The constant pressure that bursts through my eyes. The pain is real. I just can't feel. Anything anymore. I bathe in the blood of my past. (Of my past) I cut the cord. The haunting will always last. My sanity is temporary.(temporary). The mistakes. The effort. It all dissolves into nothing. Permanently in purgatory. I wish for no help. I can only help myself. There is no hope. My help is the end of this rope. I pass from this world to the next. Soul is wretch. The world is vexed.
Track Name: Repentance
Avoid my own reflection. Another endeavor. Another rejection. Claim my soul. I'm better off empty. End me. Free me. Sorrow controls me. I've grown sick of this hatred I've harbored towards me. No excuse for my actions. Caused nothing but pain. And even admitting this. I still cannot change. Cast into darkness. Thrown into waves of stagnancy. I welcome death. Swallowed by doubt. I conceal my deformed state. End me. Free me. From fear, lust and insecurity. A life of selfishness. Greed and hypocrisy. I can no longer endure. I'm a slave bound by chains. Victim to my own brain. Eternal suffering for living my life this way. Blind myself to my own appearance. I've lived my life in shame. I deserve this. It's only just begun.
Track Name: Life Cycles
Pain. Death. Cycle of life. I disappear. Disappear. Disappear. It is our destiny. We all. Disappear. Disappear. No one misses a fucking beat when you're gone. Life goes on and on and on.
The cycle of life. I call the plague. A meaningless trial. Our fate is to waste. I will waste away. I will leave nothing in my place. And you will repeat.
Track Name: Divinity
Save me from this wretched idea of after life.
Save yourself from this wretched idea of after life.
I just wanna do my time. I don't need guides.
I don't need your tradition. The well has run dry. I don't need your lies.
Eyes of the father. Mercy of your king. Please spare me. The oppression. The bigotry. Precious hands of the pure. Will control no more. A face of suffering and sorrow. I am not his child. Burn the fucking lies. Torch the roads paved with deceit. I am not his child. Let him suffer. This is not gods country. These are not my morals. These are not my beliefs. I am not devoted to this divinity. And I never will be.